Theme Tours

Picasso’s Barcelona

Discover the intense relationship between Picasso and the city of Barcelona. The tour covers the most fascinating areas in the city that the famous painter knew and that became part of his intense life. A very inspiring city for an inspiring artist. Includes a visit to Picasso Museum.

Outside the Walls

Nowadays a delightful, bohemian and vibrant quarter, el Raval was originally situated outside the middle-age city walls. Its history and the history of its neighbours have always been linked to the hard living conditions of this area. You still can find traces of its medieval origins, of the Civil War and the poverty after the war. Periods of our history that sometimes seem to have been lost, but that still can be found in the old walls of this renovated quarter full of interesting contrasts

The Survivors of Time

Tour about the historical shops in the city. Barcelona’s rich historical past can be found in it remarkable shops, some dating back hundreds of years, all brimming with facinating stories of courtship and commerce in this amazing mediterranean city. Full of charm and numerous Barcelona’s oldest shops preserve a particularly human view point of the grand historcal drama that is Europe. Please join us as our charismatic guides introduce you to The Survivors of Time.

Contemporary Art in the City

In the old part of the city, we can find lots of examples of 20th century art, works of art situated in very old squares and streets which offer to the visitor an interesting contrast of modernity and tradition. We suggest you to complete this walking tour with a visit to MACBA (museum of contemporary Art of Barcelona), Fundació Antoni Tàpies or Fundació Miró.

Old villas in Barcelona

Walks through different boroughs around Barcelona centre such as Gràcia, el Tibidabo, Sant Gervasi or Sants. Charming areas with their own history, independent villages in origin, becoming integrated in the city as a consequence of its expansion in the late 19th Century.

The Spanish Civil War in the City

This is a tour for those interested in knowing the locations in Barcelona that still remind us of a cruel and sad conflict and its consequences. This tour can be completed by visiting Catalonia’s Parliament, an important political Catalan institution that was totally abolished when Dictator Franco defeated the republican side and the entire Democracy.

Gastronomic Tour

Do you want to visit the main food shops and markets in Barcelona?Try some of our finest wines and delicious dishes?This is your tour.

LGBT History Tour

In this two-hour walking tour you will discover the history of the gay movement in Barcelona. We will offer you the opportunity to get to know the first important gay-friendly spots in the city and the main artists and writers related to the LGBT group.