“Learn Spanish” tours

The “Learn Spanish” tours project is an innovative and enjoyable way to introduce you to the beautiful city of Barcelona. It is composed of a 3 day’s programme where all – level Spanish students will have fun at the same time as they discover the multicultural city, capital of Catalonia, a Mediterranean region full of interesting heritage.

It is a combination of Spanish lessons with cultural tours designed for those interested in learning or improving their Spanish in an engaging way.

“Learn Spanish” tours are divided into two different although interconnected parts: Spanish lessons and Guided tours.

The Spanish lessons take place in big classrooms in cultural centres and schools located in the city centre. We propose two hours a day of teaching (your students) Spanish language and culture. Our tutors are qualified and specialized in Spanish language teaching.
Following the class we would take you on a tour to the most interesting areas of Barcelona. During three hours under the eye of an official licensed guide the group will visit the sights of the city. These tours can be on foot or by bus if you want to cover a larger area. We like to link our lessons with the tour to offer a whole enriching experience.

We are flexible in terms of timetables and type of tours. We can adapt the schedule to your needs. We propose minimum of three days to cover basic programme of combined lessons and tours but this could also vary if you wish.

Lessons – Levels:
According to the students’ level the lessons will change from beginners to advanced, and therefore the tour will be also adapted to their knowledge of the language.
Tours – Places to visit:
Barcelona has lots of surprising and beautiful monuments, a rich heritage that can be discovered in many different ways. Panoramic tours, theme tours, by coach or on foot. Select from our list of tours or let us know what you want to see and we will prepare a tailor made tour.

There are different options and alternatives to organize it. Choose the most suitable for you!