Our tours

Using our guided tours in Barcelona and the trips around Catalonia, we want to show the most significant places of our land but also some unknown and beautiful areas in order to make people discover the beauties of this territory. We try to offer original and amusing tours, and clarity of explanations is a basic part of our philosophy when guiding a group.

Our suggestions have been created to bring you a better knowledge of the city. Our guided tours can be combined in order to create a simple panoramic tour, a fast and easy way to see the most interesting areas of the city in just a few hours. Panoramic tours can last half a day (up to 4 hours) or a full day (up to 8 hours).

Let us design your custom panoramic tours according to your needs.


These tours are designed to be done by private bus or public transportation, although some are better to be followed on foot.

The use of a private bus instead of public transportation is an advantage for groups that want to do panoramic tours or a more comprehensive tour than the suggested ones.

Type of Tours:

We divide our proposal  into different categories: Panoramic Tours, Theme Tours, Literary, One day trips and Private tours. Choose the one for you!